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Lemon Sunshine Cookies

18 Apr

Lemon Sunshine Cookies-19

I am running a 10k race this Sunday, it’s called the Vancouver Sun Run. There are around 50,000 participating. It’s always been in the back of my head since I was a teenager that I wanted to do it. I never thought I would. Things changed for me just about a year ago when a group (Red Faced Runners) on Twitter decided to challenge everyone to complete a 5k. This will be my 3rd race in less than a year.
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Eggnog Truffles

18 Dec

eggnog truffles-13

This past weekend was my annual Girl’s Brunch. Every year for the past 4 years a bunch of us get together for an afternoon of coffee, food and gossip. It is one of my favorite days of the year. We have known each other since we were 13 years old. These are some of the few people in my life I can be completely myself around without any judgement. These girls are family.
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Golden Cookies and Cream Cookies

19 Sep

On Friday morning I got a text message, “What are you doing today?”. It was from one of my bff’s who lives in Calgary. That get’s translated to “I’m in town randomly with no notice and wanna know if you wanna hang out?” I happen to be free, which usually happens when she comes in to town, strangely enough. So we are hanging out and I happen to mention Cookie Butter. Well, she had never heard of it. O-M-G
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3 Way to Dress Up Vanilla Ice Cream

20 Aug

It has been crazy hot and humid here in Vancouver lately.  I love it if I can stay home and not turn on the oven.  If I had my choice I wish I could spend everyday at the lake or pool.  I would play with the kids and dog and everyone would listen and it would be just like tv.  I mean might as well go all the way with the wishing while I’m at it right?)  But since that is not what actually happens I’ve decided this week to do a series of no bake treats.
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Cranberry White Chocolate Cardamom Cookies

27 Mar

I had a crazy busy weekend.  It seems that weekends are busier than weekdays lately.  On Saturday I went to watch The Hunger Games in theatres.  I was pretty impressed.  It held pretty close to the book.  Most of what they changed or left out you could understand why.  There were a couple things I missed in the movie that were in the book but overall it was pretty good.  I am now rereading it.
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Butterscotch Truffles

28 Feb

A lot of times I ask my bf what he wants me to make because he ends up eating most of it. He wanted bites of some sort with butterscotch. Have I mentioned he is sorta random with the stuff he comes up with. Remember this? Ya random. So I really can’t take the credit for these little morsels of butterscotch, cream cheese and chocolate.
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