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Bubblegum Rice Krispie Treats

29 Mar

Bubblegum Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

So I was wondering through Costco the other night and noticed these jars that I hadn’t seen before. I walked past them twice then finally stopped to actually read what it said. “Cookinotti – Made with crushed caramelized butter cookies” ahhh ok. Then the magic words, the words I have been dying to read for what feels like forever “Speculoos Spread”. Jackpot!!!!! Oh my dears there is finally, finally Cookie Butter/ Biscoff in Canada!!!!
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Skittles Rice Krispie Squares

12 Sep

I made these for my best friend for the last 19 years. It’s so crazy when you say it like that. 19 YEARS! I met her in grade 8 our first year of high school. We didn’t like each other at first but it didn’t take long at all before we were literally inseparable. We only went to school together for 5 months. We spent a year and a half in completely different cities. None of that stopped our friendship. We wrote letters (by hand) talked and spent as much time together as possible when we could.
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Back to School Bake Off

28 Aug

So a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a package of Betty Crocker and Cake Mate products from Sprinkles and Grins.  It was FILLED with tons of cake and cookie decorating stuff.  It was the best mail day EVER.  They have an awesome new website with a ton of back to school snack ideas using their awesome decorating supplies.  If you follow me on Instagram you might remember this pic.
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3 Way to Dress Up Vanilla Ice Cream

20 Aug

It has been crazy hot and humid here in Vancouver lately.  I love it if I can stay home and not turn on the oven.  If I had my choice I wish I could spend everyday at the lake or pool.  I would play with the kids and dog and everyone would listen and it would be just like tv.  I mean might as well go all the way with the wishing while I’m at it right?)  But since that is not what actually happens I’ve decided this week to do a series of no bake treats.
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Sundae Cupcakes (Funfetti Cupcakes with Cotton Candy Buttercream)

5 Jun

The birthday party season is officially OVER!  Things can finally go back to normal.  No more crazy cakes, or cookies or cakepops or cupcakes.  Err… ah wait a second I’m a baking blogger.  Ok, no more stressing out over cupcakes, cookies or crazy cakes.  I must admit I’m pretty proud of myself.  I pulled off a 10 inch 4 layer purple ombre rose cake.  It was the biggest undertaking I’ve ever even thought of doing.  It wasn’t perfect but it was mine.  I made it with my two hands for my daughter. keep reading

Sprinkle Cookie Sticks

30 May

Somedays I am totally up for spending hours in the kitchen.  I could stand and measure, sift and stir forever.  Other days, I want the finished products, like now.  I don’t want to wait for room temp anything or turning on the mixer.  I want yummy in my belly as instantly as possible. keep reading