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Chocolate Malt Cookie Bars

27 Nov

Everyday I take the dog for a walk and I can’t get over how many houses already have their Christmas trees up. I have seen houses where the Christmas trees have been up and decorated for like 3 weeks already. I can’t even think about decorating until December 1st, and we don’t even get our tree until a week and a half before Christmas.
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Chocolate Frosted Everything Cookie Cups

5 Sep

WARNING randomness ahead.

I am totally obsessed with The Hunger Games The Hunger Games movie. I bought it the day it came out and I’ve watched it 4 times. I am actually watching it as I type this. I did read the books first. I love both equally. I am excited for the new one but it’s just so far away. I am impatient. I don’t wanna wait.
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Chocolate Malt Layer Cake

9 Aug

I made this cake to celebrate. Layer cakes are all about celebrating. This specific cake was to celebrate that it’s been 2 full years since Little Mister had his open heart surgery. Last year I made a funfetti cake with marshmallow frosting. In a couple months he will need to go back to Children’s Hospital for his first check up since the surgery.
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Toasted Coconut Malted Cream Cheese Cookies

16 Feb

Here is some of my randomness that is my life….

My bf bought be tulips that I can plant for Valentine’s Day.  Tulips are my ultimate favorite flour, oops I mean flower.

I’ve been dying to try matte topcoat nail polish.  You paint it over your regular nail polish and it changes it to a matte finish.  I’ve looked here and even in the US  and I  couldn’t find it  until the other day.  It was at Superstore for $2.  I jumped up and down in the store.  Yes, yes I did.
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Malted Milk Chocolate Truffle Thumbprints

12 Dec

This past week I was part of the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap.  I made 3 dozen of these Malted Milk Chocolate Thumbprints, packaged them up and sent them off to Shannon at Red Deer Foodie in Red Deer, AB, Kelsey at K and K Test Kitchen in Ottawa, ON and Jill at Miss Delish in Surrey.  It was so much fun deciding on what kind of cookie to make and how to package them up.  Then I waited and crossed my fingers hoping that the cookies made it there safe and sound.  It felt like you were sending the most valuable, fragile piece of art ever.  Yes I know, they were just cookies. –keep reading

Malted Peanut Butter Cookies

6 Sep

I love a good deal.  I always sign up for email newsletters to get coupons.  Do I use the coupons? Very rarely.  For a while I found a couple good things off Groupon but honestly my inbox is inindated with junk email.  Do I want a pre-marital counseling video?  How ’bout 80% off laser hair removal?  Those super cute shoes that are way too expensive are back in stock….  I just can’t resist opening them and checking out every one just incase it’s the perfect deal. –keep reading