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Mandarin Orange Cranberry Sweet Rolls

30 Nov

This week is not my week. First Little Miss got sick, then I got sick and now Little Mister is sick. That is a lot of cranky in one house. Too much if you ask me. All I want to do is drink tea, lie on the couch and watch American Horror Story. When you have 2 sicks kids that, is NOT an option.
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Cranberry White Chocolate Cardamom Cookies

27 Mar

I had a crazy busy weekend.  It seems that weekends are busier than weekdays lately.  On Saturday I went to watch The Hunger Games in theatres.  I was pretty impressed.  It held pretty close to the book.  Most of what they changed or left out you could understand why.  There were a couple things I missed in the movie that were in the book but overall it was pretty good.  I am now rereading it.
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Rustic Apple Cranberry Tart

9 Jan

I am used to be scared of making pie crust.

It freaked me right out.  I didn’t want yucky, chewy bad crust.  I wanted flakey, butter, soft crust.  And that is totally what I got.

 This is the first pie crust I have posted.  I’ve only made it once before.  It was right before Christmas and I was so crazy busy I didn’t have time to post it.  So I made pie crust again and ya know what… it’s not that scary.


Don’t be scared of pie.  This was super easy and soooooo good.
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