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Vampire Bitten Cupcakes

26 Oct

I love Halloween. It’s not my fav holiday, which is totally 100% Christmas but Halloween is fun. I loved going trick or treating and eating candy as a kid. Once I got to be a teenager though, it was about firecrackers and walking around the neighbourhood and causing havoc. I, for one, am a wimp and was scared of the firecrackers. I like all my fingers thankyouverymuch.
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Chocolate Cherry Hand Pies

24 Jul

So here’s a little tidbit about me, I don’t have my licence.  I can’t drive.  Never learned.  As a teenager my mom didn’t teach me how to drive.  As I moved out and got older it was just never a priority.  Well, I am in the process of changing that.  I am learning to drive.  I have been learning for a the past couple months.  Mr has been taking me.  It creates some interesting challenges.
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