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Caramelized Peanut Chocolate Chip Cookies

6 Nov

Today let’s talk about my Mr. He really is awesome and I don’t tell him often enough how awesome, great spectacular he really is.  Between the kids, cats and dog we don’t get to really hangout.  We don’t have date nights.  We don’t get a babysitter.  The most alone time we get is watching Survivor together, at 10:30 at night.
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3 Way to Dress Up Vanilla Ice Cream

20 Aug

It has been crazy hot and humid here in Vancouver lately.  I love it if I can stay home and not turn on the oven.  If I had my choice I wish I could spend everyday at the lake or pool.  I would play with the kids and dog and everyone would listen and it would be just like tv.  I mean might as well go all the way with the wishing while I’m at it right?)  But since that is not what actually happens I’ve decided this week to do a series of no bake treats.
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Brown Butter Buttermilk Pie

29 Mar

One thing I love about blogging and reading different blogs is learning about food I never would have otherwise heard of let alone made.  I had never ever heard of buttermilk pie until recently.  It doesn’t exactly sound appealing.  I mean, pie made from lumpy milk doesn’t exactly make the mouth water.  But it sounded interesting and different so I decided why not and dove in.
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Maple Cream Cookie Blondies

20 Feb

Hi Friends,

I went and stuffed cookies in something again.  Remember these?  It’s becoming a problem.  I may need an intervention.  But before you send me off you are gonna need to make these.
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Chocolate Chunk Toffee Cookies

3 Jan

I tried to put a screen protector on my ipad.  I was all excited.  Took the screen protector out of the box and got ready.  I took the factory cellophane off my screen and cleaned it with the little cloth that was in the package.  Then noticed the “cleaning” cloth left a bunch of lint on my screen.  Ah ok so I cleaned off the lint off the carefully peeled the plastic off the appropriate side and began the task of trying to line up the the invisible protector with a tiny hole on the top and a tiny hole on the bottom of the screen.  Considering I can’t draw a straight line, this was a challenge. –keep reading

Bacon Cheddar Brown Butter Monkey Bread

17 Dec

This is one of the recipes I made last Sunday from my annual Girl’s Brunch.  We had so much fun!  They spoiled me with a ridiculous amount of hostess gifts for me and the kids. –keep reading