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Crunchy Cookie Butter Blondies

11 Apr

Crunchy Cookie Butter Blondies-18

I have a confession.  I have NO willpower.  There was a giant bag of mini eggs sitting in the cupboard and I could not leave them alone.  I tried.  I tried everything.  I moved them, I pretended they weren’t there, calling my name.  I thought about the amount of calories I was inhaling.  There was nothing I could do, I was broken under the incredible force of the delicious, mouth watering, crunchy, chocolatey mini egg.
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Biscoff Espresso Icebox Cake

19 Jun

I have a confession. I love biscoff. Biscoff spread or cookies. I won’t discriminate. I love them both. There’s a problem with this affair. I can’t get them in Canada. We need to unite and get the good stuff from the US in Canada. If we are getting Target, we can get Biscoff. Keep Reading

Sweet Potato Snack Cake with a Biscoff Cookie Crust

19 Jan

There are some jobs in the house that I just don’t ever do.  It’s not like I can’t do them, I just don’t.  I guess that happens with all couples you carve out your specific duties without really realizing it.

I do not change light bulbs, in anything, ever.  If the light goes out and Ris isn’t home, we just sit in the dark. Ridiculous, I know.

I also do not change batteries.  Ris asked me last night to change the batteries in Little Miss’s toy aquarium and I was all confused. He wanted me to step outside my duties? Change batteries?!?!  There is no reason I can’t change them but it’s his job.  I don’t have some strange irrational fear of batteries I know they with not attack me but it’s just a Ris job, not a me job.
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