Flaky Apple Turnovers with Cheddar

11 Oct

There are some food that I was never a big fan of until I got pregnant.  I never liked pepper.  I wouldn’t put in on anything by itself.  I would mix it in when I was cooking but I wasn’t a fan.  When I was pregnant I loved pepper.  I craved pepper.  So weird right?
I would eat avocado sandwiches with cheddar cheese, mustard and salt and pepper almost every day with salt and vinegar chips.   I could eat a big bag of chips alone in one sitting.  I tried not to oh but I could.

With Little Mister it was apples.  I couldn’t get enough.  I had to have one at least once a day but usually it was like 2 or 3 or 6.  I still love my apples but nothing like when I was pregnant.
This is the third recipe I’ve made Baking: From My Home to Yours – Dorie Greenspan.  I made the malted chocolate cookies and really wasn’t impressed.  I didn’t even blog about them cause it was them and not me.  I made caramel sauce and burnt it.  It wasn’t really clear as to when to add the cream.  I knew this book had to be good though because I kept hearing great things.  Finally I tried this recipe and it didn’t disappoint.

Here are Dorie Greenspan’s Flaky Apple Turnovers with Cheddar Cheese.


The dough is flavorful and flakey.  I added a little cheddar cheese to the dough and it elevated them to the next level.  I could have left out the apple completely and been just as happy with the pastry and cheese.  I sort of did that with the scraps anyways and it was goooood.  Don’t get me wrong the apple was good but these are all about the pastry.

Recipe – makes 16


1 c sour cream

1/2 c granulated  sugar
4 c all-purpose flour
1 tsp salt
11/2 cups (3 sticks) grated – cold
1/2 c grated old cheddar cheese – cold


1 tbs all-purpose flour
1/2 cusugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
a pinch of nutmeg
4 medium-sized apples of your choice, peeled, cored and cut into small pieces
1/4 c butter, cut into tiny pieces
1 egg, beaten with a bit of water for the egg wash
granulated sugar for dusting

In a bowl, combine the sour cream and sugar and set aside. In a large bowl, combine the all-purpose flour and salt. Add the grated butter and mix until the mixture resembles coarse meal and has a crumbly texture.  Don’t worry about being through – better to have an uneven mixtures than overworked. Add the sour cream/sugar mixture and gently mix together with a fork using a flipping motion or with your hands.  I thought something was wrong ’cause this dough doesn’t come together in a ball it just stays crumbly.  It’s ok.  It’s suppose to.

Form into a “ball”, divide and wrap in plastic wrap.  Wrap and refrigerate for for at least an hour or up to 2 days.

Remove 1 lump of dough and on a floured surface roll into a rectangle about 9×18 inches.  Spread your cheddar cheese evenly over the dough.  Fold into thirds, like a business letter and wrap again.  Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or up to 2 days.


Combine the flour, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg in a bowl. Add the apples and mix well to ensure the apples are completely coated.


Preheat the oven to 375 F and be sure to have a rack in the top third of the oven and a rack in the lower third of the oven. Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper. Roll out one piece of dough to a thickness of about 1/8 of an inch. With a cutter that is about 4 to 4-1/2 inches in width, cut out circles.  I used a bowl and then rolled it out a bit. You should get 8 circles from the dough you have rolled out.  You can reroll the scraps and make more turnovers but the recipes says they won’t be as good.  I just took the scraps formed them into a ball and bake along side your turnovers.  They are damn good.
Once you’ve rolled out both pieces of dough and cut out your circles, take one circle and put a tablespoon or two of apple filling in the centre. Dot with a few pieces of butter. Wet the edges of the dough with a bit of water and then fold one half over to meet the other half. Seal with your fingers and then use the tines of a fork along the edges of the dough to further seal the turnovers. Poke a few holes in the turnover to allow the steam to release. Lay the turnover on the cookie sheet. Repeat with the rest of the dough and apple filling.
Once your turnovers are complete, brush each one with egg wash and sprinkle with a pinch of raw or granulated sugar. Bake the turnovers for 20-22 minutes, rotating the trays from front to back and top to bottom halway through. If you are just baking 1 tray just bake with the rack in the centre of the oven.   When they are done they will be puffed, golden and firm to the touch.


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  1. Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking October 11, 2011 at 8:38 am #

    I love the combination of apple and cheddar, but I would have never thought to combine it in a turnover! What a creative and delicious idea, Christina! Thanks for sharing your recipe. You have a beautiful blog and I'm so glad to have found it. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!

  2. Mis-Cakes October 12, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

    thank you so much Georgia!!!

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